Hey, my name’s Dena. I’m your average teenager from England trying to find my purpose in life and in the meantime working as much as possible just to survive.

Just ‘surviving’ is proving to be pretty boring so I made the decision to dedicate myself to travelling in 2016, to live life to the fullest, to meet new people, try new foods and grow bigger as a person.

This is my goal; my vision. Having such a wonderful goal to work towards is helping me in many ways through everyday life.

Driven, determined and a little bit crazy


Getting sweaty at the gym – Summer 2015

In my spare time I go to the gym, to grow big and strong.

Yes, I use weights. Yes, I am female. No, they’re not only for men. I find using the weights a great way to burn some steam and release some endorphins or “happy hormone” also its the only way to go a nice big butt (that isnt all saggy lol).

It now amuses me that for all of my childhood I was upset in thinking I had big legs (when looking back I didn’t) and now I am actually proud of them!



I got my current job at Nando’s (a restaurant which was first created by 2 Portuguese guy in South Africa) as I knew I could get more hours here and gain some new experiences to help save for my travels and help me to get another waitressing/ hosting/ till job again if need be. Not only that this job has other perks such as meal allowance on shift and a good discount outside fo the meal allowance. For somebody who loves food and loves Nando’s this is great news!